"Festival" Patch 1.02 is the latest update for MotorStorm RC. Various parameters, from the difficulty of the Festival mode to how challenges are sent to friends, have been altered.


  • Many members of the MotorStorm community felt that the four Festivals in RC got "too tricky too quickly". As such, 23 races have been retuned to give the player a fairer chance of collecting all 3 medals per event.
  • Target times (in Drift, Pursuit, and Hot Lap modes) have been increased in 16 events.
  • The speed and competitiveness of the AI has been retuned in an attempt to make the more difficult races easier.
  • Instead of the one chance at the end of a race to send a challenge, you can now return at any time to send one; this gives the player more opportunity to send challenges.
  • The races available in the free trial have been altered to the current, most popular events.


  • If the player's record times are higher than the newly modified target times on an event, then they will automatically collect the medals they would have earned.
  • The Supercar exclusive events have not been changed and still retain their original difficulty.


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