This mesa-top hideaway has its own crackling fire, a MotorStorm caravan, and a view of the pumping MotorStorm festival across the valley.

- PlayStation Home Product Description

The MotorStorm Monument Valley Campsite is a previously downloadable "home" for PlayStation Home.

There is a raft of downloadable MotorStorm furniture available to customize the campsite: including a sofa constructed from a mangled skateboard; a clapped out car seat from one of the original MotorStorm vehicles; and a smouldering BBQ cunningly fashioned from an old oil-drum and other non-descript pieces of junk. There is also a model of the Wombat Typhoon that can be downloaded on the PlayStation Store for $0.99.

Playstation Home Personal Space Tour - MotorStorm Monument Valley Camp01:10

Playstation Home Personal Space Tour - MotorStorm Monument Valley Camp

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