This page is the unofficial wishlist for the next game MotorStorm series.

Please do not add nonsensical suggestions or repeat other's suggestions. This is not an official Wishlist, although we are aware that Evolution may visit this site on occasion.

Suggestion ProcedureEdit

  • Make sure nobody else has already made the same suggestion you have.
  • Make clear, sensible, to-the-point suggestions.
  • Put your signature (~~~~) at the end of your suggestion. Do not do this for music suggestions.
  • For multiple suggestions, type two asterisks (**) to create a sub-list.
  • Do not add pictures.
  • Do not add to other suggestions, create a new one if you have a similar idea with different points.
  • Only remove other suggestions if they reapeat an older suggestion, feature cursing or sexual content, feature far fetched ideas or are unrelated to the game.
  • DO NOT remove suggestions which do not break the previous rules just because you have a different opinion on what is best for the game. THAT MEANS YOU

To add your suggestion, click here.

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