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Throughout MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, there are numerous AI characters that can be seen. While few characters are specific to a certain vehicle class, most other characters tend to be present within all classes.

To toggle the names of the ai characters, simply tap the left analogue stick twice in a race to either identify driver names and positions, or to remove the icons from view.


  1. Alexander Murdoch
  2. Alfred Beit
  3. Ali Stoneground
  4. Anneleisa Moosbrugger
  5. Ash Gordon (ATV only)
  6. Big Dave K. (Monster Truck only)
  7. Big Pig
  8. Blondie (Rally Car only)
  9. Bob Fawley
  10. Cap Boardman (Mud Plugger only)
  11. Candy Buzzbomb
  12. Cerridwen
  13. Chuckles (Bike only)
  14. Chunky Baxter
  15. Colm Hannigan (Bike only)
  16. Cue Ball (Monster Truck & Buggy only)
  17. Daddy Fawley
  18. Dimitri Molotov
  19. Doc Hock (Buggy only)
  20. Doris Walbert (Racing Truck only)
  21. Drew Baird
  22. Edward T. Foxbat
  23. Erasmus (Mud Plugger & and Big Rig only)
  24. Evalyn Malachite
  25. Evil Wench (ATV only)
  26. Flameboy
  27. Gaurav Bhatt (Monster Truck only)
  28. Gedi Minas (Bike only)
  29. Gemma Hewitt
  30. General Zegg (Bike & Big Rig only)
  31. Gillian Kershaw (Rally Car only)
  32. Hank Cooper (Mud Plugger only)
  33. Hannibal Rush
  34. Henry T. Pops
  35. Hunter (Not to be confused with Hunter in MotorStorm: Apocalypse; ATV only)
  36. Jackson Stone
  37. Jane Doe (Big Rig only)
  38. Janine Brazon
  39. Jayanti (Big Rig Only)
  40. Jeff Lawless
  41. Juliet Bayliss (Bike and Monster Truck only)
  42. Kid Million
  43. Lando (Rally Car only)
  44. Leethal Docherty
  45. Liz Bates (Rally Car and Big Rig only)
  46. Lord Jim (Rally Car only)
  47. Lucky Jack Flynn
  48. Lucy Stock
  49. Lucy Xian (Bike only)
  50. Lyta (Racing Truck only)
  51. Mira Hawk
  52. Milia Hindley (Racing Truck Only)
  53. Mohinder
  54. Morton Braddock (Buggy only)
  55. Mr. SUV (ATV & Monster Truck only)
  56. Nate Lynott (Mud Plugger only)
  57. Njord Wolfrayen (Big Rig only)
  58. Oscar Gratz
  59. Preston Sox (Racing Truck only)
  60. Reverend Black
  61. Russell Scott
  62. Sandy Campbell (Mud Plugger only)
  63. Sarah Hunter
  64. Sarah Newman (Racing Truck only)
  65. Shandy Hand
  66. Spanky Moppet (Racing Truck only)
  67. Stitch (Buggy only)
  68. The Chairman (Buggy only)
  69. Tommy Knocker
  70. Tony Han (Monster Truck & ATV Only)
  71. Travis Ryan
  72. 'Weeman' Jones
  73. William Rumik (Buggy only)
  74. Willy Pecker


  • "Mr SUV" is the online pseudonym of game director Matt Southern. [1]
  • "Doc Hock" could possibly be a play on Doc Holiday.
  • Each AI character drives only one specific vehicle per class.
  • AI can use Speed weekend vinyls once downloaded; unfortunately they cannot use DLC vehicles/characters or any vinyls from the signature livery packs.
  • Each vehicle class has only 5 class-exclusive AI.
  • The class-exclusive AI also tend to be unique to the other AI characters. For example: General Zegg is the unique character who appears as a chunky male driver covered in an orange jumpsuit with shades, and Lucy Xian is the female driver with white hair and a red jumpsuit.
  • "Stitch" has his own name on the spoiler of his Beelzebuggy Spaceframe II.



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