The Badges in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge are the game equivalent to Trophies in the other MotorStorm games. There are 50 unlockable badges in the PlayStation Portable version of the game (35 in the PlayStation 2 version).

Badge Description
Arctic Edge Bronze Bronze or better in all Festival events
Arctic Edge Silver Silver or better in all Festival events
Arctic Edge Gold Gold in all Festival events
Race Ace Win all Festival Standard Races
Flying Solo Win all Festival Speed events
Tick Tick Boom Win all Festival Time Ticker events
Top of the Class Win all Festival Invitational Vehicle events
In the Zone Win all Festival Invitational Zone events
Membership Approved Win all Festival Invitational events
Crash Withdrawal Bronze or better in a Festival Standard Race without wrecking
Eye on the Prize Gold in any Festival event
Finders Keepers Unlock all Badges
No, Hire Me! Beat all 192 developer times in Time Attack
Tourist Travel a total of 500 km
Long Haul Travel a total of 1,000 km
How Far!? Travel a total of 2,000 km
Burn to Earn 5 Boost Explosion wins
Flame and Fortune 20 Boost Explosion wins
Time Served Spend 10 hours racing Online
Lock Up when You're Done Play for a total of 24 hours
Cover Your Tracks Cause 5 Avalanches
A Bridge Too Far Break 5 Ice Bridges
Spin to Win 360 Bobsleigh Corner Spin
There Goes My Lunch 1,080 Bobsleigh Corner Spin
Tortoise Win a Race without Boosting
Online Baby Finish a Ranked Online Race
Online Learner Win 5 Ranked Gold Medals
Online Master Win 50 Ranked Gold Medals
Online Rookie Achieve Online Rank 2
Online Veteran Achieve Online Rank 3
Online Hero Achieve Online Rank 4
Online Legend Achieve Online Rank 5
Back in the Day All Pursuit Force™ Emblems found
Guerrilla Tactics All Killzone™ Emblems found
Sack It to 'em All LittleBigPlanet™ Emblems found
Furious Exchange All WipEout® Emblems found
Keep It in the Family All Emblems found
Arctic Explorer All Tracks raced
Double Parked All Vehicles unlocked
In Disguise All Liveries unlocked
Re-Spray First Custom Vehicle created
I Like to Watch All Media unlocked
Anything Else? All Unlocks found
Photo Storm Save a picture in Photo Mode
Did You See That? Upload a Ghost Lap
See Ya! Boost Continuously for 700 m
Sky High Jump 200 m or more
Fire Hazard Boost Explode 50 times
Driving Test? Wreck 50 times
Grease Monkey Customise one Vehicle of every Class


  • The badges are the game equivalent to Trophies in the other MotorStorm games.
  • The "Finders Keepers" badge can be considered the game equivalent to the Platinum Trophy in the other MotorStorm games, as this badge requires the players unlock all the other badges.
  • The "Tick Tick Boom" badge name is a reference to one of the songs in the game soundtrack.
  • Since all the Arctic Edge online servers were shut down indefinitely on October 1st 2012, some of the in-game badges in the PSP version are now impossible to unlock. The badges now impossible to unlock are mostly related to Online Multiplayer mode. As well, in the PSP version, the "Finders Keepers" badge is now impossible to unlock.
  • With Online Features and Photo Mode omitted in the PlayStation 2 port, there were 15 badges removed during the porting as well, making a total of 35 badges in the PS2 version.
    • The removed badges were related to the omitted features: "Time Served", "Online Baby", "Online Learner", "Online Master", "Online Rookie", "Online Veteran", "Online Hero", "Online Legend", "Back in the Day", "Guerrilla Tactics", "Sack It to 'em", "Furious Exchange", "Keep It in the Family", "Photo Storm", and "Did You See That?"
    • Four of the said badges ("Back in the Day", "Guerrilla Tactics", "Sack It to 'em", "Furious Exchange") weren't actually removed from the PS2 version, but the developers only changed the tasks.
  • Overall, most unlockable content is accessed with offline microbadges with the exception of a few vinyls; so there should be little issues with the online servers going down for those who are only in it for the unlocks.

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