Use of these glitches are not endorsed by the MotorStorm Wiki and are only presented here for encyclopedic reasons.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse, like many other games, has numerous glitches. If you know of a glitch which is not already listed, or has been patched, please write it under the correct section.

Unpatched glitchesEdit

  • When attempting a Time Attack on the track Good Herb - Double Decker in a Monster Truck, the vehicle will swerve to the right, crashing into the wall. This bug is not present during normal races.
  • Also in Good Herb, this time the Buena Vista track, should the player(for some reason) sink into the water at the start of the track near the first tank, they could possibly spawn underneath it infinitely, forever to wreck. Humorously the player's driver can glitch through the vehicle, and should they restart the time attack, can have their driver stuck at a random angle(does not affect gameplay, simply aesthetic.)
  • When entering the Customization menu, the selected vehicle will shoot forward and fall out of map (very rare).
  • In Mainline: "Mainlining", it is possible to leave the map by using a SuperMini and boosting off of the makeshift ramp in split one of the track at a 70 degree angle, the player's vehicle (if aimed correctly) will land on the slanted ground on the left side and bounce over the ledge landing on the road above. This glitch is very difficult to do correctly.
  • It is actually possible to snap a picture of the vehicles' interiors, by driving into any puddle of water, and switching to Photo Mode will cause the camera to clip into the vehicle, and allowing the player to take pictures of the interiors.
  • Trying to access the Weekly Challenges mode now (after Evolution Studio's end of support for the game and its subsequent closure) will glitch the game and make other sections of the game (i.e. the Downloadable Events) inaccessible unless you reboot the game.

Patched glitchesEdit

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