The After Party, otherwise known as Patch 1.04 for MotorStorm: Apocalypse, adds new content to the game. This primarily includes a new track, The Rock, and Weekly Challenges. Numerous vehicle classes also have their performance retuned, notably the Supercar, the Dirt Bike, and the Superbike. The Racing Truck, Muscle Car and ATV are also tweaked.[1]

Weekly ChallengesEdit

Each week, three challenges, ranging in difficulty from Rookie, Pro, and Veteran, will be available, and usually are based around a race or time trial event. Completing these will reward the player with Chips. Furthermore, as stated on the official PlayStation forums, completing Weekly Challenges is somehow linked to unlocking the Italia Tauromachia Supercar.

Downloadable EventsEdit

Based around an NPC from the Festival, Downloadable Events add 6 new events for the player to complete as that character, and also help the player gain Chips towards their levels for completion. Similar to the Festival, a specific vehicle, in that character's livery, has already been selected. Stone's is the default Event unlocked with the patch. These are free to download, with more being available in the coming weeks.

  • Downloadable Events themed after characters in the main festival have been released, as well as the Red and Gold Joker packs, which contain either the Wasabi Kimachi SuperMini or the Italia Areto Superbike. The seventh event pack is said to be connected to the Italia Tauromachia, however, this is impossible as the seventh event pack has not been released.
  • These events also count towards the respective PSN trophies for completing Special Events.
  • There is a still unreleased slot in the downloadable events. It is possible that this empty slot was going to be events for Hunter, as he is the only remaining Brotherhood member that does not have a set of downloadable events. (Tyler does not count, as you play him in the Festival. All other NPCs used in the downloadable events have been from the Brotherhood). It is unlikely that this will be released as Evolution Studios have somewhat abandoned Apocalypse due to poor sales.



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