Monarch mk 1

Gillian Kershaw's livery.

The Monarch Mk 1 is a Rally Car featured in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It resembles a classic 'cigar shaped' racecar. It is uncertain how this vehicle handles well despite having such skinny tires.


The Mk 1 was said to be one of the hardest vehicles to unlock in Pacific Rift, because it was obtained through the completion of the "Ranked Streak" online trophy; this was extremely difficult as online play is completely unpredictable. This trophy and hence, the Mk 1 itself, is now impossible to unlock owing to the shutting down of the Pacific Rift online servers.

However, there is one final and considerably easier unlock method; that is for the player to download the Monarch Signature Livery Pack, and the car will be automatically unlocked, but only with the downloadable livery.


  • This is one of the smallest Rally Cars ever to appear in the MotorStorm series, also making it the most practical when travelling through tight spaces, such as the low lying trees on Colossus Canyon.
  • Lord Jim (white/yellow/blue "Sonix" livery), Gilian Kershaw (black/gold "MotorStorm" livery), Daddy Fawley (green/yellow "Ignitro" livery) and Jeff Lawless (red "racing stripes" livery) are the AI character's that are seen driving this vehicle.
  • One of the Mk 1's liveries resembles the John Player Special.
  • Whilst using this car, there is a minor texture glitch in which the drivers head seems to be somewhat 'dark and cloudy'.

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