The Signature Livery

The Monarch Deerstalker is an ATV in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, perhaps one of the biggest ATVs in the MotorStorm series. As the name implies, it is most likely an ATV made for hunters.


  • A DLC livery is available for this vehicle in the John M. Signature Livery pack.
  • Its front end almost looks like that of a car, and it has the vertical exhaust pipes of a style commonly seen on most Big Rigs.
  • It is also the only ATV made by Monarch in the series.
  • It is possibly the tallest ATV in the series, the only other contender being the Wombat Mudslide.
  • The Deerstalker was originally unlocked via the Legend trophy (reach Rank 5 online). However, owing to the shutdown in October 2012 of the Pacific Rift servers, the only way to unlock it is to download its Signature Livery; however it will only be unlocked in that livery.
  • Because this ATV has such a high frame at the back, when taunting and punching, the Riders arm somtimes 'warps' through the frame.



- picture sourced from Wiki, MSPR

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