Monarch decker
The Monarch Decker is a downloadable remote-control Racing Truck in MotorStorm RC. It resembles a Routemaster London bus. It is the second bus in the MotorStorm series, the first being the Atlas Arizona.


The Decker is available to download from the PlayStation Store for the price of €0.25/£0.21/$0.25.


  • When the Decker lands upside-down, the top deck severely clips into the ground. This occurs due to the vehicle's height; this is, in fact, the tallest RC Racing Truck in MotorStorm RC.
  • Despite being an RC Racing Truck, the Decker is about the same size as those of the RC Big Rigs.
  • Due to the Decker's size, the Decker would fit better in the Big Rig class.


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