Monarch bulldog

The Bulldog in Pacific Rift.

The Monarch Bulldog is a more race-oriented Mud Plugger in the MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. One of its liveries covers it from front to rear in the Union Jack (as shown).


The Bulldog is strongly inspired by the Bowler Wildcat, taking it's general body shape but changing the head and tail lights for copyright reasons.


  • In Pacific Rift, you unlock this vehicle once you reach Rank 6.
  • In Pacific Rift, Big Pig (white/green "Sepway" livery), Reverend Black ("Union Jack" livery) and Ali Stoneground (tiger stripe "QOG" livery ) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
  • Curiously, the "Tiger Stripe" livery actually changes from Monument Valley to Pacific Rift. In the original MotorStorm, the main sponsor on the side is "Quickfoot". However in Pacific Rift, the sponsor has changed to "Eightball".
    • A similar thing also happened with the purple livery on the Jester BXR, being "Dirt Star" in MotorStorm but "Carpdiem" in Pacific Rift.