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The Monarch Backpacker is a Big Rig appearing in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It appears to be an enlarged RV/camper van partially based on the Unimog, the rear half of which can be destroyed by rear-end collisions.


  • The fuel tanks along the sides of the vehicle slightly resemble optional tanks on the Patriot Bulkhead (and the Molotov Shelka on that note).
  • On one side, this vehicle has a piece of Marsden Matting used as side armour. This sheet of metal with holes was used to create makeshift runways for Allied aircraft during World War II. This material is often seen in post-apocalyptic films, likely due to its visual texture.
  • This Big Rig is unlocked by earning gold medals in all Festival events.
  • A livery for this vehicle can be unlocked by purchasing the Speed Weekend DLC; this also causes the vehicle to be unlocked if it isn't already, but only with that livery.
  • The number plate reads"CAMP3R 71", which is leetspeak for "Camper 71".
  • If you look closely in the living space you will see a sofa, some cupboards, and a sink.
  • With the green livery, the interior features carpeting which seems to be used with an entirely new modeling texture
  • Originally the designers intended for the three steel girders on the left side to be attached at a perfect vertical (as seen in the concept art), but for unknown reasons, they were turned to a more angled position.
  • It is somewhat odd that it is a Monarch vehicle and not a Wulff vehicle, since it is based off a German design.
  • Mohinder ("rusted out" livery) and Edward T. Foxbat (Green "4Tune" livery) are the AI Characters that are seen driving this vehicle.
  • There is a white and black GO XPLOR! livery for this vehicle but is not officially in the game for unknown reasons and is probably why this vehicle (without any DLCs) has only 2 liverys instead of the standard 3. the only way you can use this livery is by using a MSPR modded save data and there is a link to a aticle about it here:

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