Molotov stuuka

Lucky Jack Flynn's livery.

The Molotov Stuuka is an ATV featured in MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is somewhat of a go-between of the civilian and racing ATVs, such as the Yamaha Grizzly. It has provisions for mounting attachments and accessories, but has none.


  • "Shtooka" (russian "Штука") means "piece" in Russian.
  • The Stuuka looks similar to the Molotov Sickle.
  • It is one of the default ATVs in the original MotorStorm, alongside the Ibex Bushfire.
  • In Pacific Rift, Chunky Baxter (blue/black livery), Lucky Jack Flynn (red livery) and Annaleisa Moosbrugger (white/olive livery) are the AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.

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