Molotov elbrus

How can I sleep now?!

The Molotov Elbrus is one of the heavier work-type ATVs in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Like its real-world equivalents, the Elbrus has various bags and miscellaneous things attached at the rear, and even has a rolled-up sleeping bag on the front. In the tradition of Molotov vehicles, it is named after a Russian landmark/location.


  • The vehicle is named after Mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano (one that has not erupted for a long period of time) in the Caucasus mountain range in Russia. Perhaps the sleeping bag attached to the front of this ATV is a smart reference to this fact, as a dormant volcano can also be known as sleeping.
  • "Elbrus" is also the Russian designation for the Scud ballistic missiles.
  • This ATV has an air snorkle, just like the Wombat Mudslide and the Ibex Scout.
  • It is now impossible to obtain this vehicle in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, as it requires an online trophy to be unlocked and the online servers have been permanently shut down.
    • Furthermore, it is also one of the few unobtainable vehicles that doesn't have any DLC liveries, meaning it is still unobtainable even with all the DLC purchased; much like the Wombat Beachmaster.
  • Mohinder (red & camo livery) and Drew Baird (orange/red livery) are AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.
    • Furthermore, the Elbrus shares the aformentioned red & camo livery with the Mohawk Roadhog.

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