Molotov drago j
The Molotov Drago is a Big Rig that appears in both the original MotorStorm and Pacific Rift. It appears to have some sort of mount on the rear of the vehicle, suggesting that it once had a crane or ladder mounted to it. This is supported by the fact that one of the paint jobs for this vehicle in MotorStorm is that of a fire truck.


In MotorStorm, the Drago is a default Big Rig. In Pacific Rift, it is unlocked upon the player reaching Festival Rank 8.


  • Like many Molotov vehicles, this one also has a name that relates to Russia; "Drago" is a male first name in Russia. It may also be a reference to Ivan Drago, the main antagonist of Rocky IV.
  • In the first game, in a background cinematic, a Drago is briefly seen acting as a tow truck, towing a wrecked Ozutsu Ronin. This is the only time a Drago's crane mount is seen being used.
  • In Monument Valley, there are many liveries that can only be used by the AI, including a yellow 'construction vehicle', tan, green, and white/red flag. They are not available for players.
  • The Drago may take its angular design from the HEMTT, a large multi-purpose truck manufactured by Oshkosh and used extensively by the U.S. military. it's name may support this fact, as HEMTT's have been nicknamed "Dragon Wagons". 
  • Many elite MotorStorm players consider the Drago the perfect representation of performance in a MotorStorm vehicle for many reasons: it has good proportions; it is arguably one of the fastest Big Rigs; and it is one of the most aggressive vehicles but it also handles quite well. For those reasons, it is a cult vehicle for the hardcore MotorStorm community (especially the "fire truck" livery), arguably beating the Wombat Typhoon in popularity.
  • In Pacific Rift, Ali Stoneground (white/red/yellow livery), Henry T. Pops (blue/white livery) and Annaleisa Moosbrugger (red/graphite "Zero" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.