Mojave globetrotter
The Mojave Globetrotter is a pickup truck-based Mud Plugger appearing in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Fitting for its name, it has living quarters over the truck bed, and a roof rack for carying many items. It simply seems to be a truck camper that has been given basic modifications to allow it to race off the road.


  • The Globetrotter resembles the Toyota Tundra.
  • In a cinematic in Pacific Rift, a Globetrotter is driven off of a cliff. The occupants bail out and open parachutes and survive; needlessly to say, the truck does not.
  • This vehicle can be unlocked by earning the "Speed Demon" Trophy.
  • The wheelarches on this vehicle appear to be riveted-on aftermarket items.
  • Closer inspection, for example when the body panels fall off in a crash, reveals that there is a full race-spec spaceframe.
  • There are Union Jack British flags on the kayak on the roof.
  • Using the photo camera, it is possible to see that a TV is fitted to the inside of the Globetrotter. On one of the liveries, the image inside the TV contains two MotorStorm developers, with one of them covering their face with a sombrero, and the text reads "Pretty Shy ;)".
  • A matte-black "Mute Bear" livery is available for this vehicle in the Adrenaline Expansion Pack.
  • On the Globetrotter with the Ravine and Marathon logo, the word LOSER is graffitied on side.
  • Mira Hawk (purple "graffiti" livery), Candy Buzzbomb (cream/blue/red livery) and Nate Lynott (dirty blue "raVine" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.

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