Mojave Berdino

Berdino image


The Mojave Berdino is a Mud Plugger that appears in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The Berdino is the first Mud Plugger available for use in the game. The Berdino strongly resembles the original CUCV family of vehicles build by General Motors for the US military.


The Berdino is the default Mud Plugger unlocked in the game. Completing two Level 3 Part Challenges with it will unlock the Atlas Chowhound.


  • Some customization options for this vehicle cover the truck bed with an enclosure, while others leave it mostly uncovered, drastically changing the look of the vehicle.
  • This truck can be customized to look like an Armoured Personal Carrier with one of the customization options, which covers the rear portion of the vehicle (see gallery for image).  This optional bed enclosure even includes an unused gun turret.
  • Certain customization options add a huge spotlight to the roof.
  • Mash uses this vehicle on Docklands: "Rising Damp".
  • There is also a customization options that makes the Berdino resemble a farming truck, with wooden planks along the sides of the rear bed, which resembles a 'stake bed.'
  • The final rear bumper for the Berdino resembles one available for the Patriot Wildtrek-X.
  • The Berdino strongly resembles a General Motors CUCV, as stated above.  Howerver, the Berdino's appearance in the game appears to be based on a CUCV that has been customized, by replacing the original rear bed with the cargo bed of a US military trailer, which is a common modification for this style of vehicle.