Mohawk Freerider
The Mohawk Freerider is a chopper in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. This is the prefered vehicle of Big Dog.


Big Dog's personal Freerider is called "Beauty". He has had it for quite some time.

In his poetic youth, Big Dog named his beloved Mohawk Freerider 'Chrome Beauty'. His trusty steed for many years and through more than a few close calls, her finish has dulled but the fire and passion burn as bright as ever. 'Beauty' takes Big Dog on a new adventure every time he hits the throttle.
"She may be my bike, but we both know who's in charge" - Big Dog
- Festival Card #125


  • The Freerider is the default Chopper unlocked for players in Apocalypse. Completing Part Challenges with it unlocks the Voodoo Howler.
  • The Freerider is the only chopper used by a playable character during the events of the festival.  However, it is not used during an actual race.
  • The Freerider is featured on the artwork of the "Chopper" Festival Card (#106).