The Mode Editor is a feature made available for MotorStorm: Apocalypse in patch 1.05. It allows players to create their own series of rules for a game mode, and then share it with others.


The mode editor allows players to change many characteristics of how races are run, including gameplay, display, on-screen, control, vehicle, boost shockwave, and grid settings. Parameters such as downforce, gravity, top speed, boost, suspension stiffness can also be altered.

Mode Editor In Previous TitlesEdit

Mode editor is also availible in previous titles, however it isn't available to share with others and is not like MotorStorm: Apocalypse's Mode Editor.

Pacific Rift - Players are able to set game type race/eliminator, number of laps 1-10 or elimination time 5-60, number of opponents 1-11, time of day morning/midday/afternoon/evening, difficulty easy/medium/hard/hardcore, and what class each opponent is.

Arctic Edge - Players are able to set the game type race/time-ticker, number of laps 1-5, difficulty easy/medium/hard, grid type mixed or all one class, and track direction forward/reversed

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