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The Mirage LX7 is a Supercar in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It was initially spotted in a single screenshot, as well as various Japanese trailers. It was later released to the public via the PlayStation Network Store and is obtainable within the Prestige Pack or just by itself.


Rather than being a road-going supercar, the LX7 appears to be a race car in its own right. Its design seems to be inspired by Group C sports cars such as the Mazda 787B and Sauber C9.


  • Because of its height, the LX7 is the lowest supercar featured in Apocalypse. Excluding the roof scoop, its ground-to-roof height doesn't even reach that of most SuperMinis.
  • The LX7 also appears in the Mischief Vehicle Pack 2 in MotorStorm RC.

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