Mirage bastille j
The Mirage Bastille is a Mud Plugger that appears in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Unlike most others in the class, this more closely resembles the Humber Pig, complete with armoured windows, doors, and sides, although the turret is not included. This unlikely racing machine is often regarded amongst the best MotorStormers as a top choice for the Mud Plugger class.


  • This vehicle is unlocked by earning gold medals in all Festival events.
  • This vehicle has a yellow/black livery similar to an AI-only livery for the Molotov Drago in the first game.
  • The Bastille was a fortress/prison in Paris, France.
  • When the rear door breaks off, one can see two sets of seating normally intended for soldiers.
  • Mike Devine (blue livery), Kid Million (green livery), Hank Cooper (yellow "construction" livery) and Lucy Stock (olive/brown livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
    • Furthermore; Mike Devine also has his initials on the back of his personal livery.
  • It was widely regarded by the Online community as one of the best vehicles in the game when the servers were active, arguably rivalling the Molotov Drago.