A DuskLite jumbo jet transport crashes to earth.

Throughout the MotorStorm series, especially in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, unusable military vehicles make a prominent appearance, usually supporting the events of the Festival. In Apocalypse, such vehicles are also used by the security contractor DuskLite. These include:
  • The Carrier
  • Helicopters
  • Landing Craft
  • Harriers
  • Tanks
  • Army Trucks
  • Jumbo Jets - At least one used by DuskLite, and many other air-dropping MotorStorm vehicles. Can be best seen during Mash's prologue.
  • AC-130 cargo plane, used to air-drop Tyler onto the beach in which his prologue takes place. The same plane may also fly over Mash during his prologue.
  • A military patrol ship, used by DuskLite. One is seen beached on Terminus.
  • A rigid-inflatable boat. Used by Dusklite during their beach landings on Good Herb.
  • Armoured personnel carriers: Similar to Mud Pluggers (and in fact sharing some customization parts such as tyres), these APCs are only visible during Tyler's Prologue, just after the road in front of the Brotherhood is destroyed and the group is forced underground. These vehicles are not Atlas Chowhounds, as they only have two doors instead of four. They resemble the Oshkosh M-ATV series of vehicles in use by NATO forces in the Middle East. They bear a striking resemblance to the Patriot Shellshock .


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