Lunar-tec wendigo


The Lunar-Tec Wendigo is a Monster Truck in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and MotorStorm RC.


In Pacific Rift, the Wendigo is one of the default available vehicle choices.

In RC, it is featured in the Elite Off-Road Pack.


Like some other vehicles in the series (the Atlas Varjack - which the Wendigo bears a strong resemblance to - and the Patriot Compadre) the Wendigo is based on a full-size van, in this case mounted on the underpinnings of a Monster Truck.

The Wendigo also may be inspired by the real life Rollin' Thunder Monster Truck  from the 1980s.


  • All versions of the vehicle have the middle section being completely open; the van body is not fully "closed".
  • A Wendigo is a mythical, malevolent spirit said to possess people and induce cannibalism.
  • The Wendigo could be viewed up close in the PlayStation Home version of The Carrier. Sadly, that model cannot be driven.
  • Like the Voodoo Mastadon, the Wendigo appeared in the E3 trailer of Pacific Rift, where it is shown making a sharp turn, nearly knocking a Lunar-Tec Weevil off of the road before smashing through a wooden tower, which collapses onto the track.
  • The body of the Wendigo is essentially the same as the Atlas Varjack, albeit with a longer middle section.
  • Drew Baird (grey "caution" livery), Annaleisa Moosbrugger (graphite "Flames" livery) and Hannibal Rush (blue "Hoffman" livery) are AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
  • It is one of the default Monster Trucks in Pacific Rift, the other being the Lunar-Tec Sasquatch.

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