Lunar-tec rollcage
The Lunar-Tec Rollcage is a Buggy appearing as a DLC in MotorStorm, then as an on-disk vehicle in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. As the name suggests, it consist entirely of an exposed roll-cage frame, with no body panels or coverings except for a small rear spoiler.


  • This Rollcage is unlocked in MotorStorm after the Revenge Weekend DLC Festival has been completed.
  • The Rollcage uses paddle tires for the rear set of wheels and treadless sand tires for the front set, a setup seen only on the Rollcage and the Wombat Beachmaster.
  • This Buggy is modelled after a typical sandrail, sandrails being a type of real-life buggy made specifically for traversing sand at speed. However, unlike sandrails, the Rollcage features no metal body panels covering the sides, only having a rollcage.
  • This is one of two default Buggies in Pacific Rift.



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