Lunar-tec invader
The Lunar-Tec Invader is a Big Rig in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, as well as the original MotorStorm. It has a traditional European cab-over-engine body design. Like the Buffalo, it is a more race-oriented, aerodynamic vehicle, perhaps inspired by the FIA track-racing trucks, but toughened for MotorStorm with the addition of front and rear bull bars.


  • In Pacific Rift, you unlock this vehicle when you reach Rank 6
  • It is the final Big Rig unlocked in Motorstorm
  • It has a total of ten (five on each side) side-mounted exhaust pipes. This makes for one of the most unique exhaust layouts in the series.
  • However, this vehicle is also prone to graphical errors. In Motorstorm, it not only acts as if it only has two (one on each side) but the boost flames go straight back, as opposed to facing outwards. In Pacific Rift, both of these are fixed but only eight (four on each side) boost flames are visible.


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