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Lunar-Tec is a manufacturer that makes vehicles in many classes, mostly buggies & anything bigger. They seem to specialise in creating vehicles that other makes wouldn't even consider, such as an off-road truck built from an F.I.A. racing Big Rig, a buggy without bodywork, and what is apparently a T4 Rally Raid truck designed after a buffalo. Some are standard racing vehicles, while some sport unusual designs; their Snow Machine, the Stratos, is powered by a V8 engine, while one of their Buggies even appears to be military. Lunar-Tec's Big Rigs are especially radical in appearance. To date, no Lunar-Tec manufactured vehicles have been used in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.


Monument Valley & Pacific Rift

Pacific Rift

Arctic Edge



  • The Lunar-Tec logo appears in Apocalypse's Customization as a sticker, even though none of their vehicles appear in-game.
  • It would appear that all of Lunar-Tec's Monster Trucks are named after mythical beasts/wild men e.g. Grendel, Yeti, and Wendigo.
  • "Lunar-Tec" is very similar in pronunciation to "Lunatic", which could be a reference to MotorStorm's motto: Lunatics Unite. Although, since their first vehicle was the Lunar-Tec Asylum, it could be a reference to 'Lunatic Asylum', an obsolete form of hospital for those labeled as 'lunatics'.
  • In the final event of the Revenge Weekend Festival, it is revealed that the vehicles are manufactured by inmates. This is likely a reference to the pronunciation of "Lunar-Tec".

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