Loner bike

Loner actually refused a spot in the Brotherhood. She still competes with them however - one of the few racers good enough to do so. The story hasn't been told, but people sense that she bears a grudge against one of the Brotherhood, and is waiting for her opportunity for revenge.

"Out of my way." - Loner

- Festival Card #020

Loner is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. She is also the sole female character out of the available four default characters.


From her close-up alone, one may immediately assume that Loner is of Asian descent, although it may be false. Regardless, she has short, spiky black hair that drops down, and wears an olive vest over a white t-shirt, with a fire engine red scarf under the vest. She also wears brown leather fingerless gloves, and one pad and blue elbow brace on her left arm. Loner's outfit is finished with some sort of knapsack on her waist, grayed-out short jeans, fishnet with Air Force blue kneesocks, and (rather well-worn) black motorcross boots with fuchsia chevrons.


  • Very strangely enough, Loner's Festival Card depicts her as wearing a periwinkle vest over her shirt, but her actual character model features an olive version of that vest. Her Card version also wears a cerise scarf instead of the usual red one. Even far stranger is the fact that Loner has only one kneepad (on her right knee)... a case of strong confidence, or perhaps her left kneepad is damaged beyond repair?

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