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A Wombat Typhoon being thrown by a boost explosion of an Atlas M-SUV on Quicksands.

"Kill The Buggy" is an unofficial game mode in the MotorStorm series. It is most frequently played online, but can also be enjoyed offline in multiplayer split-screen.


The game works like this:

  • One or two players will race as a Buggy.
  • Other players will use a variety of usually much larger vehicles (such as Big Rigs or Monster Trucks).
  • The larger vehicles will hunt down the Buggy, with the aim of wrecking it by any means; be it a boost explosion, crushing them against a tree or rock, or simply running them over in a Monster Truck.
  • If the Buggy survives all laps, they win. Commonly, the laps are set low so the buggy has a higher chance of winning.

Kill The Buggy gameplay


  • Because of this game mode, online players rarely ever select buggies as vehicles. In most cases, unsuspecting new online players will select a Buggy, immediately finding themselves in an unofficial round of Kill The Buggy as other players intentionally attempt to wreck the player.

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