Concept art (Kid Million)

Concept art of Kid Million

Kid Million grew up with MotorStorm to the point of him wondering what life's like on the 'outside'. He races with the veterans and is a paid-up member of the Outlanders, even though he's barely out of his teens - and he's guessing that he'll die young as well.

"One more race, at least." - Kid Million

- Festival Card No. 14

Kid Million is a recurring character in the MotorStorm series, having appeared in almost every MotorStorm game with the exception being RC, and being playable in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. In Apocalypse he must be unlocked by leveling up in online play.


Kid Million sports a mohawk haircut and a variety of body armour, including a leather chestplate. However, for some reason he wears plate armour only on his left arm.


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