Jester bxs
The Jester BXS is one of many Buggies availible in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It has similar design traits to many vehicles in Jester's BX series, although this vehicle has less of an aerodynamic front end than others, lacking any front bumper or fenders.


  • The BXS has an ATV-style tyre set up consisting of nobbly treaded tyres, a setup not seen on any other Buggy.
  • This is one of two default Buggies in Pacific Rift.
  • The BXS appears briefly in the Pacific Rift E3 trailer. It raced underneath a giant log before being sideswiped and nearly causing a roll over since a Lunar-Tec Weevil rammed it as they race side-by-side throughout the track. The BXS is then not seen again during the trailer.
  • The most notable feature is the flight stick-esque steering wheel fitted in the Jester BXS, a feature none of the other buggies have.


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