Jester bxr

Henry T. Pops' livery.

The Jester BXR is a buggy in MotorStorm and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is a standard racing buggy, lacking fenders and having a large rear spoiler.


  • It slightly resembles the Jester Super BXR, although this BXR has a slightly wider chassis.
  • In Pacific Rift, Leethal Docherty (orange/white livery) and Henry T. Pops (green/white livery) are AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
  • Curiously, the purple livery actually changes from Monument Valley to Pacific Rift. In the original MotorStorm, the main sponsor on the side is "Dirt Star". However in Pacific Rift, the sponsor has changed to "Carpdiem".
    • A similar thing also happened with the Tiger livery on the Monarch Bulldog, being "Quickfoot" in MotorStorm but "Eightball" in Pacific Rift.