Jester BB-XS menu screenshot
The Jester BB-XS is a Buggy in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. Its appearance follows Jester's signature style/design for its other offerings. It is the first Buggy available, and is one of the three vehicles unlocked by default for the player.

Arctic Edge Customizable PartsEdit

  • Lights
  • Wheels (Colour changing allowed)
  • Framework (Colour changing only)
  • Roof Item
  • Suspension (Colour changing only)
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Exhaust
  • Number of available slots for sponsor stickers: 11
  • Bonus livery: Yes


  • This vehicle has a bonus livery unlocked from the Wipeout Emblem bonus pack.
  • This Buggy was used in the game's demo.
  • Some of its customization options include a snowboard mounted on the roof.