Arclight 1
A pestilence-inspired buggy, created from a modified sprint car and featuring a zombie livery pack.

- PlayStation Store description

The Jester Arclight is a Buggy available in MotorStorm: Apocalypse for those who downloaded the Revelation Pack DLC. Despite being a Buggy, the Arclight's design is much more similar to a BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Car.


  • The Arclight has previously been seen on the website of Elite Force, one of the game's music composers.
  • "Arclight" was a military code word for a massive bomb strike.
  • This Buggy seems to have purple boost flames.
  • Because this vehicle is a converted stock car, it has a lopsided frame and bumper. Unfortunately, its lopsided Rear Spoiler actually creates height clearance issues in certain tracks, so it is strongly recommended to remove the Arclight's prominent spoiler through Customization if one is to competitively use it.
  • Unlike real life stock cars, the Arclight is rear-engined. It also has the same engine sound as the other Buggies, unlike that of the large Chevrolet V8s used in the real racing machines.
  • The Arclight makes a return in MotorStorm RC in the RC Pro-Am Expansion Pack for MotorStorm RC.


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