Italia velocita

The Player-exclusive livery.

The Italia Velocità is a Rally Car available in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Its appearance differs greatly from the other rally cars, having massive wings on both the front and the rear.


The Velocità appears to be inspired by the Unlimited Class cars that compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Hillclimb cars need to be light and fast in order to complete the rally-style course quickly. They often pack unbelievable horsepower and torque figures, and sometimes two engines within the same body, solely because all vehicles lose power as they climb up into thinner air. The massive spoilers make sure that the car sticks to the ground at speed by providing large amount of downforce, and without them the car could fly off of the road and tumble down the mountain side, which would definitely be fatal.

Pacific Rift press kit descriptionEdit

Manufacturer: Italia Car Company
Production: 2005 to date (20 to be produced - 10 Race specific)
Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque chassis with titanium structures
Engine Type: 6.9L sequential supercharged twin-turbo V8
Power output: 558bhp
Layout: Mid-engine, 4 wheel drive
Transmission: 5-speed triple clutch semi-automatic gear box
Wheelbase: 2857mm (112.4in)
Length: 5048mm (198.7in)
Width: 2374mm (
Height: 1246mm (49in)
Curb weight: 1135kg (2497Lbs)
Top Speed: 133mph racing configuration with downforce
0-60: 3.5 seconds (gearing set for acceleration)
0-100: 6.2 seconds
Class: homologated hypercar
Designer: David S. Griffiths
Engineers: Andrew Bolt, Neil Massam, Ben Curtis, Jen Wie Tse, Chris Gage, Simon Gibson
The Italia Car Company has had a very successful history with all of its vehicles, none more so than with the Velocità. The Velocità has, for the last few years, dominated many racing events from asphalt and endurance racing and hill climbing. It was only natural that the Italia Racing Team would convert the already race specific chassis to tackle the most brutal event in the history of competitive racing, a “MotorStorm” rally. It took the Italia Racing Team and a fleet of engineers many months to tune a small selection of Velocità cars to be entered into a MotorStorm race for the 2008 season. Only time will tell if the cars will be able to handle the extremely rough terrain of the Pacific Rift island.


  • One of the Velocità's liveries boldly states "1100 BHP", making this likely one of only two vehicles in the MotorStorm series which actual horsepower rating was revealed (The other is Muerte's Wombat Darkwood). This conflicts with the vehicle's description in the official Pacific Rift press kit, which states that it puts out 558bhp. However, 1100bhp may just be a company in the MotorStorm universe that sponsors the Velocita. Also note that 1100 BHP would be more in line with the description of the engine in the press release.
  • The same livery states that the car is "Powered by DSG"; DSG is a type of gearbox.
  • "Velocità" means "speed" in Italian.
  • The Velocità has Ferrari F40 wheels, and tail lights similar to those of more modern Ferraris such as the F430 and the Enzo.
  • The Velocità reappears in MotorStorm RC in the Elite Sports Pack DLC.
  • In the track Badlands, this vehicle is capable of going at astonishing speeds when driving in the deep water due to a glitch. However, this also makes the vehicle lose traction, which, when combined with the aforementioned extreme speed, usually results in a wreck.
  • There is a glitch when landing a jump in this vehicle. The wheels will phase through the fenders.
  • The vehicle's oversized front bumper has proved problematic on rough terrain, as it can cause the vehicle to crash on even the smallest of stones.
  • The fifth livery of the Velocitá is unused by the AI, which makes it a player-exclusive, non-DLC livery.
  • Alfred Beit (red/grey livery), Jackson Stone (orange/blue "1100bhp" livery), Edward T. Foxbat ("Stars & Stripes" livery) and Cerridwen (graphite livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.