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The Italia Torquemada is a limited-edition Supercar that appeared as a DLC for MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It was unlocked by purchasing the Supercar Elite content pack, which is now no longer available. This vehicle was quite expensive, at roughly £4, what would be $7 USD. This was intentionally done to make the vehicle a "status symbol" among the MotorStorm online community.


The Torquemada strongly follows Italian manufacturer Lamborghini's design ethos. It resembles their top-flight supercars, notably the Reventón and the Aventador.


  • The roof and windows of the vehicle can be removed to make it a roadster (also known as a "spyder"), and engine covers and wheels can also be changed. This essentially makes the Torquemada the first ever convertible street vehicle in the game. The others would be the Wasabi Kimachi and the Monarch Vestige-R.
  • The paintjob of the Torquemada was originally intended to be unchangable. However, it could be changed by exploiting a common glitch in the customization menu (although this glitch was patched in a later update and the altered colour of the Torquemada is not visible to other players online).
  • This vehicle was notably cheaper in the US than in Europe, costing only $2.50 USD. It was also available at the PSN Store for more than a week, perhaps as a consolation for the later release in the US.
  • The Torquemada returns in MotorStorm RC in the Elite Sports Pack DLC.
  • Unlike other Italia vehicles, this vehicle's name does not translate from any language, however "Torquemada" is a common Spanish surname.
  • The Torquemada, along with a few other MotorStorm cars, makes a brief cameo in WipEout 2048's intro sequence in the 2025 scene (However, it appears on a fast frame, so it's hard to see).
  • This Supercar is one of the few vehicles to appear in-game only as a DLC. Others include the Mirage 401 and the Monarch Vestige-R.
  • The Torquemada is shown to be twin-turbocharged, and as the vehicle reaches maximum boost temperature they begin to glow red. This feature is not seen on any other Supercars.


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