As seen on the Elite Force website.

The Italia Tauromachia is a special Supercar in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. This Supercar was first found on the Elite Force website. Its unlock is determined by the developers of the game itself, not by anything done in-game. It is meant to be a reward for the most dedicated MotorStormers.

How to UnlockEdit

There are three versions of the Tauromachia, each with a different livery and customization parts. All three versions are exclusive and cannot simply be bought or downloaded individually from the PlayStation Store; instead, they must be earned.

  • One version's unlock is determined by completing certain Weekly Challenges, as stated on the PlayStation Forums. It is not directly related to the completion of the challenges, the reward will be given out to the 'champions' of the challenges on the official forums.
  • The unlock method of another version is supposedly connected with the seventh Downloadable Events Package. However, this is impossible as the seventh Downloadable Events Package was never ever released by Evolution Studios.
  • The unlock of the third version is unknown.


The Tauromachia's design is based on retro mid-engined supercars such as the Lotus Esprit, the Lamborghini Diablo, and the Lamborghini Countach.


  • The Tauromachia is available to drive (albeit in remote-control form) in the RC Carnival Expansion Pack for MotorStorm RC.
  • "Tauromachia" is Italian for "bullfighting"; this may be a reference to Lamborghini's naming theme, as their vehicles' names are related to bullfighting.
  • It is to date one of only two to feature pop-up headlamps, another being the Wasabi Kimachi, which has them as a customization option.
  • To date, the Tauromachia or its unlock requirements have not been officially released.


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