Stock cirrus

Stock Cirrus in Apocalypse.

The Italia Cirrus is a rally car that appears in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.


Its design resembles that of many classic Italian mid-engined cars and 1970's/80's rally cars, especially the Lancia Stratos and Ford RS200. The Cirrus has a distinct headlight design that the Ford RS200 also has.

How to UnlockEdit

You must complete two different level 3 part challenges with the Wulff Bolter to unlock this vehicle.



  • "Cirrus" is a type of cloud. This may be a reference to "Stratus", which is also a type of cloud and coincidentally very close to the name of Lancia Stratos.
  • So far, this rally car seems to be the only vehicle in MotorStorm: Apocalypse to have customizable mudflaps. This is due to the car having no rear bumper options. However, customizing the "Wheel Arch" option for the Voodoo Orbiter will also change its mudflaps.
  • The most immediately distinct difference between the Cirrus and its closest real-life counterpart, the Lancia Stratos, is its unlockable rear wing options. However, the 1974 iteration of the Stratos has a rear spoiler that resembles those of the Cirrus the most - though not by much.
  • Mash uses this vehicle in Good Herb: Buena Vista. Muerte can also be seen driving this in some races (at least in Wreckreation).
  • The Cirrus is also available as a remote-control Rally Car in MotorStorm RC.


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