Interstate is a track appearing in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It has four versions of it and as its name suggests, it contains large portions of highway, some of which has collapsed. On some races, there are large numbers of Crazies on the track who will fire guns and rockets at the player's vehicle.


  • "Road Warriors" - Day One, Midday - Tyler - destructive events: collapse of elevated section of highway during first lap; collapse of upper highway on fourth lap if laps are greater than three
  • High Way - Day One, Afternoon - Big Dog - destructive events: Crazies fire rockets at players for second lap to end
  • "Rubbernecking" - Day Two, Afternoon - Mash - destructive events: collapse of building, usually on second lap; helicopters lift the ramp to the right path of the highway, usually second lap
  • "The End is Nigh" - Day Two, Early Evening - Tyler - destructive events: auto-shop roofs collapse when player drives over them; usually on the final lap a severe earthquake takes place in the background, causing the upper part of elevated highway to collapse with the players on it and the path under it the road is severely distorted into three sections; those that take the right path earlier in the lap during the severe earthquake will have a crane collapse onto the road and force the player to go through or over the car shops that collapse.


  • Some signs on the road indicate other tracks: Boardwalk , Downtown and Route 666.
  • On the track Road Warriors, it is possible to go so fast that on the roadway's collapse on the fourth lap, it is possible to hit the disaster and wreck before it has finished collapsing. The same can happen on Rubbernecking when the helicopters lift the ramp.

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