Ibex scout

Sarah Hunter's livery.

The Ibex Scout is an ATV in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is the second ATV available from Ibex.


The Ibex looks much like a 4-wheel ATV looked in the 1980's.


  • There is a black air snorkle sticking up in front of the rider that can be mistaken as an exhaust pipe, much like the Molotov Elbrus and the Wombat Mudslide.
  • Ibex Scout is also a popular half-zip pullover by Ibex Outdoor Clothing.
  • One of its liveries is that of the Union Jack, much like the Monarch Bulldog.
  • This vehicle is unlocked once you reach festival rank 5.
  • Sarah Hunter ("Union Jack" livery), Jackson Stone (yellow livery), Mr. SUV ("Geometric" livery) and Bob Fawley (grey livery) are the AI Characters seen riding this vehicle.
    • Interestingly; apart from Mr. SUV, these same characters also drive the 3 Castro Conquistador's in their respective liveries.