Humbler diablo


The Humbler Diablo is a Buggy in MotorStorm, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and MotorStorm RC. Its design differs greatly from other buggies, appearing to be heavily armoured with a battering-ram front bumper and dual rear tyres.


In MotorStorm, the Diablo is featured in the Devil's Weekend expansion pack. The vehicle is awarded to players by achieving Gold on all Devil's Weekend events.

In Pacific Rift, it is unlocked by reaching Festival Rank 5 in the Festival mode.

In RC, the Diablo is available in the Elite Off-Road Pack.


  • "Diablo" is Spanish for "Devil".
  • The Diablo resembles armoured buggies seen in the Mad Max film series. It may take its closed-wheel design from the 1948 Tasco Prototype.
  • A single Diablo appears in every race of the Devil's Weekend, with a completely black livery apart from a red, 5-pointed star before the rear wheels (as pictured). The exhaust noise is much deeper than that of the other Buggies, sounding somewhat akin to that of Monster Trucks. The horn is from a Big Rig. It is only driven by a black-suited driver named Jack Butler, who is described by the in-game text as the "Devil's Advocate".
    • This makes it the only DLC vehicle that is seen being driven by the AI.
  • It is one of three vehicle manufacturers that produces only one vehicle, the others being Wakazashi and McQueen.
    • The same three manufacturers are missing from the list of stickers in Apocalypse.
  • In MotorStorm, the Diablo makes a noticably high-pitched noise while boosting, which gets higher the further the boost gauge goes up.
  • Like all other DLC vehicles from MotorStorm, it is one of the few vehicles in Pacific Rift that doesn't carry any liveries over from the original game.
  • In Pacific Rift, Oscar Gratz (beige livery), Travis Ryan (black/red "Slick" livery) and Dmitri Molotov (blue/grey "Ignitro" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.
    • It is also interesting to note that these same 3 characters all drive the 3 Castro Capitano's and Atlas Varjack's in their respective liveries.