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Hazard Signs are signs that appear within the MotorStorm series, although they are most prominently featured in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. The signs serve as a warning that there is a hazard near the sign that players could potentially wreck into. They are various Hazard Signs, all of which are listed here:

Hazard SignsEdit

  • Deep Water Sign - These signs show that the water near the sign is too deep for any Vehicle Classes to traverse through.
MSPR joby91467 80
  • Lava Sign - These signs show that there is lava nearby.
MSPR joby91467 86
  • Fall Danger Sign - These signs show that there is a fall nearby that is too high for any vehicle to survive.
MSPR joby91467 96
  • Obstacle Sign - These signs show that there is an obstacle behind it that is typically too large for any vehicle class to run through.
MSPR joby91467 81
  • Road Fork Sign - These signs show that the road splits into two paths.
MSPR joby91467 82
  • Chevron Sign - These signs show that there is a turn, they also come in red/white variations.
MSPR joby91467 83
MSPR joby91467 98
  • Pointed Arrow Sign - These signs serve the same purpose as Chevron signs.
MSPR joby91467 93
  • Large Chevron Sign - These signs show that there is a large or blind turn near, they also come in red/yellow variations.
MSPR joby91467 85
MSPR joby91467 95
  • Construction Barricade - These signs are the same as Obstacle Signs although they typically block off paths that large classes can drive on.
MSPR joby91467 84
  • STOP! Signs - These signs are to tell players that they are should not go beyond the sign.
    MSPR joby91467 87
  • Hazard Chevron Sign - These signs serve the same purpose as chevron signs except there is usually a severe hazard near them.
    MSPR joby91467 92
  • Low Clearance Sign - These signs show that the area below them has very low clearance.
    MSPR joby91467 90
  • Pathway Signs - These signs are always seen in pairs and show where there is a path or a jump.
    MSPR joby91467 89
MSPR joby91467 94
  • Traffic Pole - These poles show players where the boundary of the track is.
    MSPR joby91467 88
  • Concrete Chevron Sign - These signs serve the same purpose as chevrons, although they cannot be destroyed.
    MSPR joby91467 91
  • Generic Hazard Sign - These signs are used for any generic hazard that are usually easily avoided.
MSPR joby91467 97
  • Netted Barrier - These signs are used as an indestructible barrier that prevents players from going places they aren't supposed to.
MSPR joby91467 125
  • Collapsible Signs - These signs can be knocked down by large classes such as Big Rigs and be turned into a makeshift ramp.
MSPR joby91467 126
MSPR Joby91467 24-
  • Suck Signs - Large signs which can be broken through to reveal a new path way. They mostly appear as large green signs with the text "suck" on them, however Cascade Falls possesses a blank version as well

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