Flameboy's Festival Card.

Flameboy's a Roadkill member, most famous for over-boosting across the finish line, a ball of laughing fire. The Carrier's doctor knows him intimately by now and stands ready with extinguishers - unless Flameboy's pissed him off.

"Hahahaha...aaaaaghhh!!" - Flameboy

Festival Card #028

Flameboy is a recurring character in the MotorStorm series, featuring as an AI character in all the main console installments of the series. Not much was known about him until his appearance in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, in which he has his own Festival Card and is a playable character, who must be unlocked by leveling up in online play.


MotorStorm: Pacific RiftEdit

Flameboy wears a motorcross helmet, with full racing overalls decorated with flame patterns.

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit

Flameboy seems to have let his facial hair grow out a bit. He wears a color-matching outfit consisting of a classic racing helmet, jacket, and pants (with some brown leather jacket and a CarPdiem-branded white V-neck shirt under it). He also wears orange-tinted racing goggles. Said racing outfit is white all over, and has a common red-and-blue stripe running once or twice on each outerwear piece of his racing outfit.


Flameboy's personal livery in Apocalypse is a metallic orange with pink-to-black pearlescent stripes coming down diagonally on both sides of the vehicle. The decals include a crown player icon that can only be unlocked at Level 80 online. His prime sponsor is Lime Shocks.