Festival Cards appear in every race in the Festival in MotorStorm: Apocalypse (this excludes Epilogues and Prologues). They are large, silver cards with the MotorStorm logo on them, and can be found at various locations on a track. Some only appear after certain events in a race, such as the collapse of the tunnel on Good Herb. This makes some of them extremely difficult to find and obtain, as players may have only one chance to run into them during a race.

On the cards, information will be given about characters, tracks, vehicles, and everything else related to the MotorStorm series to date. There are a total of 150. There are two PSN trophies for card collecting; one for finding one card, and one for finding all of them. The amount of cards in a race varies, from three up to five. There is no special prize for finding every card (such as a vehicle unlock), only the aforementioned trophies.



Motorstorm Apocalypse Card Locations (1-50) Part 115:00

Motorstorm Apocalypse Card Locations (1-50) Part 1

Motorstorm Apocalypse Card Locations (51-83) Part 211:37

Motorstorm Apocalypse Card Locations (51-83) Part 2

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