Not to be confused with the Voodoo Undertaker.

Falfer Undertaker

Falfer undertaker 3


The Falfer Undertaker is a Muscle Car featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Unlike the other Muscle Cars, it is more of a chopped pickup truck-esque hot rod.


The Undertaker is unlocked by completing three Level 3 Part Challenges with the Patriot V8 XR. It is the third and final non-DLC Muscle Car unlocked for use.


  • Big Dog drives this vehicle on the area Mainline: "Mainlining" during his events of the Festival.
  • This vehicle has suicide doors, or doors that open opposite the direction of most doors.
  • The Undertaker's chassis resembles that of early 1930s "utes", or coupé utility vehicles, while the body itself resembles "T-bucket" hot rods, more specifically referring to the truck-based variations.
  • The Undertaker is featured in the artwork of the "Muscle Car" Festival Card (#113).