Falfer tombstone
"A monster truck made from a modified hearse and featuring its own death-inspired livery pack."

- PlayStation Store description

The Falfer Tombstone is an aptly-named monster truck based on a hearse appearing in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Players can access it by downloading the Revelation Pack DLC or just the vehicle by itself. It features oversized exhausts and a large air scoop on the hood.


  • This vehicle has green boost flames, which are highly visible thanks to the massive exhaust pipes exiting through the front wheel-wells.
  • If one looks closely through the rear windows, they will notice that there is an actual casket stored in the trunk.
  • The Tombstone appears to be somewhat based on a Cadillac hearse. It also features the large tail fins of American cars from the 1950s and 60s.
  • The Tombstone is also included in MotorStorm RC as part of the Mischief Vehicle Pack 1, with one livery of which resembles that of the Ghostbusters Cadillac ambulance.
  • This vehicle is one of few to not be included in an original game, only as a DLC. Others include the Italia Torquemada, Mirage 401, Molotov Uradna-66, Voodoo Acheron and Jester Arclight.
  • This vehicle has no parts to change except for the tires, however, you can still edit the paint, livery, decals, and personal touches.