Warning: This article contains information considered as spoiling, read at your own risk.

Epilogue is the final segment in the Festival of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. Instead of being a circuit, this is a point-to-point course that the MotorStormers are fleeing down to escape the earthquake-stricken City.


Exodus - Day Two, Sunset - Destructive Events - MashEdit

Mash races his car through the City alongside several other MotorStormers in a bid to escape to the safety of the Carrier. At the end, Mash makes it to land onto the Carrier.

Duel With Death - Day Two, Sunset - Destructive Events - TylerEdit

This event is one of two "Duels" in Apocalypse. Tyler and Muerte are the last Stormers left in the City (evidenced by the absence of other racers around), and are fighting it out to make it back alive. At the end of the course, a building will collapse onto the track, blocking the road. At the end, Tyler manages to get past the building before Muerte, leaving the latter trapped in the falling building. However, Tyler is still too late to make it to the Carrier, being mere seconds late, causing him to plunge into the sea. It is later revealed in the following Motion Comic that Yoshimi rescued him in a dinghy. It is also implied that Muerte survived the incident, as his arm emerges from the rubble.

Exit Strategy - Day Two, Sunset - Destructive Events - Big DogEdit

The second and final Duel, this is the direct follow-up to Route 666 and takes place right after the credits roll. Big Dog, still on his chopper, continues to evade a DuskLite helicopter, racing through the reverse of both Mash's and Tyler's Epilogues. At the end, both the DuskLite site manager and Big Dog meet their fates.



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