Eliminator is a form of race event in the MotorStorm series. It was first made available in the Revenge Weekend DLC for MotorStorm, and has since appeared as standard in every succeeding title (except MotorStorm RC and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge).


Eliminator is fairly similar to the standard Race mode, except it has an unlimited amount of laps and the racer in last place is eliminated every 5 to 60 seconds (intervals in settings range by 5 seconds). This continues until only one racer remains on the track. It is important for players to not only avoid being in last place, but to also stay close to the leader so that they aren't forced to chase them down later. Players that are unfortunate enough to not make it are forced to explode, thus ending the event for the player.

Sudden DeathEdit

If the player is in the last place and there is a nearby opponent when the timer reaches zero, the elimination will enter sudden death and gives the player and the opponent an extra 15 seconds to overtake the other. It is possible, albeit difficult, to get multiple "sudden deaths" in a row. The opponents tend to become very aggresive when entering sudden death and will ram the player at any chance possible. Sudden death only appears in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.


  • On short tracks, where players will most likely complete multiple laps, players must watch out for the wrecked vehicles of the AI that have exploded earlier in the race.
  • Eliminator seems to be the easiest gameplay mode when faced with the most difficult AI since they tend not to recognize wrecked vehicles.
  • Eliminator isn't available in online gameplay in Pacific Rift.

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