This page lists the easter eggs found in the MotorStorm series.


  • On the "Welcome to Monument Valley" sign on The Grizzly, the word "carefully" on the sentence "Please Drive Carefully" has been covered by a sheet of corrugated metal.
  • The same sign has had the MotorStorm logo placed over the words "Monument Valley", to instead read "Welcome to MotorStorm".
  • Warning lights on the ends of bridges have smiley faces drawn onto them.
  • A banner at the start of Dust Devil reads "Free the Runcorn 4", a reference to Evolution Studios (who are based in Runcorn, England), and specifically four employees who had been prosecuted for speeding offences during the game's production.
  • At the end of the "Concept" video in the Extras menu, a parody of BBC Test Card F can be seen, but with the young girl replaced by a motocross rider.
  • Some of the barrels found on The Grizzly have a smiley face painted similar to the one Nirvana used (Also, their song "Breed" is in the game's soundtrack).

MotorStorm: Pacific RiftEdit

  • One wreck on the track Riptide is "The Marshall" livery Patriot Surger. It can also be found on The Edge, and Colossus Canyon. This livery is not available for selection in-game.
  • On multiple tracks there can be found numerous Patriot Bushwackers in the AI-only Big Joe's Chilli Dogs livery. Again, these aren't available for selection.

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit


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