Ms eagles nest
Amongst the crags and outcroppings of a particularly flat rock formation, the 'Stormers put together a nippy sprint back and forth across a crevasse with the hopes that some unlucky racer will fail to make the jump. On the first night, It doubled as the venue for Big Dog and Ms. Austin's wedding.

"Lives are ruined up there. And I'm not talking about the race this time" - Hangnail Johnson

- Festival Card #056

Eagle's Nest is a downloadable track in the original MotorStorm. Situated at the top of two towering mesas, it comes complete with deadly drops and scrap metal eagles.


  • There is a collectable Festival Card in MotorStorm: Apocalypse for this track.
  • Some consider this to be the ultimate MotorStorm course.
  • This track, along with Diamondback Speedway (which is featured in the same DLC pack as this), is not used for the Festival Events in MotorStorm.
  • Sharing similar elements to Coyote Rage , the two tracks can be easily confused with each other.
  • Due to the closure of the online servers for MotorStorm in January 2012, the only way you can access this track is through Time Attack. This means that you can no longer race other opponents, AI or human, on the track; as you can only use it by yourself.
  • Gameplay


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