Mmv dust devil

Between the ageless rock formations to large stretches of dirt paths and desert. The 'Devil offers racers room to floor it, kicking up a duststorm behind them as they go.

"The devil lives within our hearts!" - Chronic.

- Festival Card #052

Dust Devil is a track in the original MotorStorm. It features plenty of high-speed straightaways as well as some destructible, abandoned buildings and stacks of wrecked cars. On the final stretch, one route will send the player's vehicle over a massive jump, smashing through a billboard displaying the Dust Devil logo.


  • The DLC track Devil's Crossing features reversed sections of this course.
  • One livery for the Monarch Backpacker features the word 'Dustdevil' scrawled on the back of it.
  • The gravelly areas of this track wreak havoc for Mud Pluggers, as they can find no grip on these loose sections, and it slows them down drastically.
  • Dust Devil holds the record as the largest non-DLC track in MotorStorm MV
  • Gameplay


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